Warranty: Hazardous Materials Shipping Requirements

It is required by federal law that hazmat transportation training be completed by all persons who prepare hazmat shipments, or prepare shipping papers, or sign the shipping papers. Therefore all retailers must have at least one employee who has completed hazmat transportation training to be able to ship hazmat parts including warranty returns.

The training is valid for 3 years then it expires and must be repeated. The retailer is responsible for keeping in compliance with training requirements. When the retailer employee renews his/her hazmat training, they should send a copy of the new training certificate to Volvo Parts Retailer Services.

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To meet this requirement, Safety Regulation Strategies, Inc. is offering automotive specific HAZMAT certification classes. With a focus on the automotive industry we are able to keep the class shorter and easier to understand.

The cost is only $149 per student for the entire 3 years.
Register Here: https://safetyregulations.com/register.htm
This class comes with free telephone support for all your HAZMAT shipping needs.

After you are certified:
Once required training is completed, proof of the completed training, including your retailer code, must
be emailed to Volvo Parts Retailer Services at volvocarusapartssupport@custhelp.com.