Safety Regulation Strategies, Inc. On-Site Services

Safety Regulation Strategies, Inc. (S.R.S.I.) offers quality, turn-key strategies for businesses with substantial environmental and safety liabilities. We identify safety and environmental concerns, developing site-specific, cost effective solutions. S.R.S.I. develops for you a comprehensive program to address your safety and environmental concerns in three steps.

Step 1Step 1: Assessing your current safety and environmental practices

Step 1Step 2: Bringing your training and documentation requirements up to date and within regulatory standards

Step 1Step 3: Providing continued guidance through free follow up planning and consultation

STEP ONE: Finding out where you are at risk

The SRSI 3-Step Strategy starts with on-site safety and environmental reviews as seen through the eyes of a regulatory inspector. We show you where you are at risk and recommend the most cost-effective ways to comply. While we are on-site, we will determine if:

  1. employees exhibit safe practices while on the job
  2. required fire protection and safety equipment is in place and operable
  3. written safety programs and employee training records are in place onsite, up-to-date, and address regulatory requirements
  4. hazardous waste is stored, handled and shipped following all environmental regulations
  5. VOCs or volatile organic compounds (chemicals in solvents that evaporate) are present and are managed according to law.

STEP TWO: Ensuring employee safety and facility compliance

Both OSHA and EPA require all employers to operate a safe facility, regularly conduct safety training and have the appropriate and current documentation on-site at all times. SRSI offers the following Training and documentation to keep you in compliance:

STEP THREE: Continuing with successful compliance

Compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations is an ongoing process. The rules change! New materials and staff may be introduced to your facility. SRSI’s 3-step program continues after the on-site visit, helping you to manage the ongoing safety of your facility in a cost-effective way.

  1. We deliver to you a comprehensive package with finalized written programs. Reports outlining safety, fire, and environmental concerns found during the inspections. Recommendations for solutions are also included.
  2. All employees who attended the Right-to-Know, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Extinguisher and Respirator trainings are issued a certificate of completion.
  3. Free telephone technical support by SRSI’s professional staff is available to answer any environmental or safety questions which may arise between our visits.
  4. Annual follow-up packages streamline your long-term compliance needs.

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