A hazardous material (HAZMAT) is a material that, in any quantity, poses a threat to life, health or property. Some automotive parts contain such materials (referred to as “HAZMAT parts”). HAZMAT part requests are identified in the WPP by a hazardous material icon and red striping when the request is expanded. Dealers who have their FedEx account certified by FedEx as a qualified Hazardous Material Shipper will be able to retrieve the shipping label and hazmat documents from the WPP. Dealers who are not qualified Hazardous Material Shippers will not be able to retrieve the shipping label and hazmat documents from the WPP. Volkswagen will, when necessary, dispatch a third party vendor to pack and ship any requested HAZMAT warranty parts from those dealers whose FedEx account is not identified as a qualified Hazardous Material Shipper.

A handling fee of $450 per part will be charged to the dealer’s parts account for this service.
Full bulletin VWP-15-14: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2015/MC-10127559-9999.pdf

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