Here is a reminder from your friends at Safety Regulation Strategies, Inc. Helping you stay in compliance with safety and environmental regulations is always our main goal.

Most businesses with more than 10 employees are required to maintain OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 forms.

The OSHA 300 Log is for recording occupational-related illnesses and injuries for each calendar year. The 2023 summary form (300A) must be posted in an area accessible for employee review from February 1 until April 30, 2024.

The 300A form must be posted even if you had zero occupational-related illnesses or injuries. Failure to complete and post these forms can result in fines up to $15,625 from OSHA.

Once the OSHA 300 form has been completed, you must keep it on file for 5 years. Each form not available for the inspector is a separate fineable offense!

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