After two years of active encouragement, Ford Motor Co. is suspending its electric vehicle (EV) certification program for dealerships after rolling back requirements late last year, according to The Detroit News. 

Ford told dealerships in December 2022 that they’d be required to invest in training and charging stations to qualify for certification to sell electric vehicles. Just short of a year later, Ford reduced the number of charging stations the dealerships would need for each certification level.

Dealerships were given a June 30 deadline to meet requirements for the program, but Ford has recently put a pause on that, as it says it plans to review requirements once again, the article says. It says the review is planned for next month.

Ford has taken other noticeable steps back from EVs recently.

Bloomberg also reported that Ford planned to reduce spending by $12 billion on battery-powered models with EV losses forecast at up to $5.5 billion this year. 
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Bloomberg says Ford’s EV losses have more than doubled its deficit from last year. It also says losses sustained from EVs this year could nearly wipe out the profits earned from the Ford Blue division, which makes traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and gas-electric hybrids. 

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