One of the questions we, at Safety Regulation Strategies, are asked on a regular basis is: What is the best way to extinguish an Electric Vehicle (EV) fire?

There’s good news, and there is bad news.

First, the good news. Fires in Electric Vehicles, as a percentage of all EVs on the road, are rare. However, while sales of EVs are not rising as fast as manufacturer’s would like, there has been a steady increase of these vehicles on the road, as well as in our service and collision centers. More cars means more potential fires.  The bad news is that fires in EVs last longer, are harder to extinguish, and are prone to re-ignition.

EVs burn differently than their gas-powered counterparts. This is primarily due to the fact that some of its parts are made from rare earth metals, such as lithium. This has made it a challenge to deal with EV fires. According to the Wall Street Journal, firefighters are discovering that the safest and surest approach to an electric vehicle fire is to just stand back and watch it burn. That is because, currently, to put this new type of fire out, and keep it out, the electric vehicle must be immersed in a container of water. Of course, we all know that this isn’t very practical.

There is hope on the horizon. Several companies are currently trying to develop firefighting chemicals, containment systems, and even blankets designed to encapsulate or otherwise contain the blaze. At the same time, battery manufacturers are also searching for ways to make their products less prone to combustion. This is great news for firefighters dealing with EV fires on the road, as well as in your shop.

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